“I had a gastric sleeve in 2019, the first year I lost 56 kilos and it will undoubtedly sound very trite but it is the best decision I have made in my life. It completely changed my entire environment, my self-esteem, my life, my body, my mind and my way of valuing myself. Far from doing it for vanity, it was for physical and mental health, as a way to prevent any disease in the future. I am grateful with all my heart for the opportunity that the doctor gave me, because a new life has returned to me."

“22 months after a mini gastric bypass and 59 kg less, I can say how complete and whole I feel. I have the joy of being a mother for the second time and being immensely happy. It is not just about aesthetics or a size, it is about finding a way to live happily for yourself and for the ones you love, it is not an easy path, but it is full of satisfaction. Infinite thanks to Dr. Galván and his team of doctors and specialists for accompanying me on this adventure!"

“For many years I was thin, however 6 years ago I gained weight up to 99 kilos and not even with diets could I lose it. The gynecologist told me that I couldn't be a mother and my self-esteem was very low because my clothes didn't fit me or I looked bad. I decided to have a gastric sleeve, I'm down 42 kilos and I'm currently at my weight and I just gave birth to a princess. My hormone levels are stabilizing and I feel incredible because I am a size 15 and a size 3 and I feel super light”

“8 months ago my parents gave me a new hope in life, something that I did not dare to ask for, because sometimes they were very short of money after the bypass surgery they performed on my dad. My parents seeing that I could no longer walk after a few hours of standing, because the pain in my ankles was unbearable due to a bone that was about to come out of its place and not to mention that at night I had to crawl to be able to go to the bathroom, because I couldn't support my foot due to being overweight; At only 14 years old, I weighed 138 kilos, and I felt that there was no remedy for me. Thanks to the efforts of my family and the great technique of Dr. Galván I can travel light as if I had these wings, today I truly feel that I am 15 years old with 84 kg of weight. Thanks to the entire team of Dr. Galván, including Dr. Adriana and Dr. Román, God bless you”

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Jennifer Aceves took the initiative to undergo bariatric surgery to combat being overweight and change her life at such a young age. 

At the beginning of this project, I was 121 kg overweight and along with it consequences of low self-esteem, social problems, insulin resistance, sleep apnea, back pain, among other discomforts.

After undergoing a Mini Bypass and having changed her lifestyle for healthy habits, Jenny is happy and full, she wears the clothes she likes and wants because now she can find them in stores. She feels motivated and full of life to exercise and be physically active. 

"I 100% encourage you to put your life in the hands of Dr. Gabriel Galván and his entire team because they guide you very well... don't hesitate to travel light, remember that life is a light journey"

“Two years ago the opportunity to have bariatric surgery presented itself. I arrived weighing 182.6kg; The procedure that was performed on me was a gastric sleeve. I currently weigh between 80 or 85 kilos, it has completely changed my life in all aspects, which I really like a lot and I'm moving on”.

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Laura Colmenares, now Dr. Galván’s assistant, arrived to Mexico in 2015 having made the decision to undergo bariatric surgery. At the time, Laura was overweight, weighing 170kg and suffering the consequences that come with it such as cardiovascular and arrhythmic problems, hypertension and sleep apnea, among other issues.

The first surgery she underwent was a gastric sleeve, which helped her lose 60kg of excess weight. However, her eating habits did not change and she underwent a conversion to create a mini gastric bypass, which helped her reach her current weight of 70kg.

Laura feels happy, content and healthy following the whole process from start to finish. She affirms that the benefits are not only reflected in her health but also in the changes that have occurred on a personal level, with the people around her and on a professional level. She found her motivation in life.

“I invite you to no longer be afraid; accept the Doctor’s challenge to travel light.

For our future, for our well-being, for everything around us ... trust!”

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Francisco Javier, 32, known as Panchito, arrived at Innovare Bariatría weighing 207 kg, which almost brought him to the brink of death. He was connected to an oxygen tank for more than 6 months since he could no longer breathe or walk on his own, "At the time, I thought they would be the last days of my life."

Panchito underwent a mini bypass which, together with his motivation, discipline and perseverance, led him to achieve impressive results. Today, thanks to his perseverance and Innovare Bariatria’s multidisciplinary team, he goes jogging every morning, has gone back to playing soccer, and dresses as he wants since he can now find clothes in the stores that fit him. 


“There is a wonderful world working to overcome obesity… Today, I am getting to know it.

I want to invite those of you who are watching this video to give it what you’ve got, if you can. I simply want to invite you to travel light” – Panchito.

“I am about to complete 8 months after my gastric corset surgery and I have nothing left to do but thank you and your team for your care and, above all, for helping me throughout this process.

I feel super happy about this great change in me and especially for those 38kg less, and about enjoying the whole process. How right you are in saying "life is a journey, travel light!"