Balón ingerible Allurion – INNOVÁRE

With more than 15 years of experience in bariatric surgery, Dr. Gabriel Galván shares details about the Allurion ingestible balloon.

Adding to the current options for bariatric interventions, the Allurion ingestible balloon is a small capsule that is swallowed so that once inside the stomach it inflates to become a balloon that takes up 50% of the stomach’s size, remaining there for four months. This bariatric innovation is complemented by an intelligent system that monitors the patient throughout the process.

A smart watch and scales accompany this treatment to record information in the system every time the patient weighs themself, exercises, and sleeps. By measuring these parameters, it is possible to monitor the user’s progress. “We will support you all the time, not only during the four months of treatment,” says Dr. Galván.

In addition to the Allurion ingestible balloon, the patient will have a nutritional and psychological follow-up for a period of six months to guarantee successful weight loss. “Any time you need it, reach out to our group of experts so they can help you travel light, too,” he says. It is important to mention that the Innovare Bariatría group is the first certified group for handling the Allurion capsule in the West and one of the first in Mexico.


Hospital Innovare, Av. Verona #7412 Esq. Naciones Unidas.  Tel. 33 2686 5708 / 33 1542 0535 


Núcleo Diagnóstico, Paseo de la Loma #143 Esq. Acaponeta.  Tel. 31 1210 6157 y 67 


CM Puerta de Hierro, Av. Ignacio Sandoval #1699 planta baja.

Ciudad Juárez Chihuahua

Hospital Star Médica. Tel. 33 1736 4033

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