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Bariatric surgery is ever evolving. Owing to the fact that it is a relatively new specialty that faces an ever-growing problem affecting a wide range of patients –each one with very particular characteristics and circumstances–, we specialists find ourselves faced with the need to carry out constant research so we can provide the right options for all the different patients we serve each day.

For many years, options for bariatric surgery were limited to procedures such as gastric bands and gastric bypasses, interventions that are still highly effective procedures and, to this day, remain the most performed throughout the world. In fact, most of the surgical groups around the planet only carry out these two procedures, and even then, they would only perform one of these procedures to any one patient, regardless of their particular circumstances. 

My own professional practice and my understanding of morbid obesity has led me to consider that morbid obesity is not a disease that can be resolved with a one surgery, no matter how good it may seem. Every day, patients of different ages, with different body weights, with different genetics, with different expectations, with a variety of diseases associated with obesity and with different behavioral patterns come to me for treatment. We cannot treat everyone in the same way; we need options, we need to tailor a treatment plan that is made to measure for the patient.

Thus, when a patient comes to Innovare Bariatría for a consultation, we study them, listen to them, question them, and try to offer them the most appropriate option for their profile, for their needs and for their expectations, whether that be the adjustable gastric balloon, ingestible gastric balloon, gastric corset, sleeve, single anastomosis bypass, double anastomosis bypass, SASI bypass or our original surgery for obesity and diabetes: the metabolic corset. We take the individualities of each patient very seriously and we try to design a tailored solution.

That is why we have been certified to carry out a new method for weight control: the Bariclip. This is a unique technology, capable of reducing the capacity of the stomach in a simple, conservative and potentially reversible way. It is a clasp that can be placed in the stomach to limit its capacity without cutting it, bending it, or modifying the intestinal continuity or the absorption of nutrients. Innovare Bariatría is the first center in the West to apply it and one of the first groups in Mexico to offer it to its patients.  

If you want to lose weight, but you don't want to significantly modify your anatomy, the Bariclip may be for you. Scientific studies have shown weight loss greater than 60% in the first year of use, with virtually no adverse effects.

If you would like to be assessed for the Bariclip, or for any other bariatric procedure, come to the professionals, come to Innovare Bariatría at any of our offices.


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